Saturday, July 15, 2017

Potato Harvest

My experiment with growing potatoes in a pile of wood shavings has come to an end. I decided yesterday that the 4 foot tall plants were probably not producing the amount of potatoes as they should because I was no longer hilling the plants - I ran out of vertical room & wood shavings.

Sounds odd to say I ran out of vertical room, but since I didn't shore up the mound with a frame that I could add onto, the wood shavings were starting to become wild & spread on to other plants growing nearby.

Plus the peas were taking advantage of the height & growing on & up the potato plants.

It was time to see if this worked...

I just gently tugged on each plant & they came right up out of the shavings - still attached to the plant & very clean!!

No bugs, no issues. Amazingly, the original potato that was planted was still whole & sound & I'm sure it would have kept on producing if I had hilled the plants properly.

But, for this year, I have enough fresh potatoes for a meal & the satisfaction knowing that my experiment worked! A few tweaks for next year & we'll produce more spuds more efficiently.

I spread 2 large buckets of used wood shavings around the flower bed as a mulch & called it a day.

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