Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Week of Gardens

Where is the summer going?!

I'm so busy just relaxing & enjoying the garden space (ha) that I forget to show & share. I'm also having issues with the blog program - it just seems to be difficult to work with right now, so apologies for the scattered look it has today. (maybe that's technology's way of saying 'get out in the garden & away from the computer'!!!)

Things seem to have exploded in growth over the last couple of weeks too & it's about time!

The marigolds are recovering after being attacked by slugs & the calendula are flowering brightly. I have hopes that the wee nasturtiums will eventually grow & flower too.

This year I will be saving seeds again - finally - after many years of not having that option & these 3 veggie bed companions are high on my list.

The pumpkin growing in the flagstones in the walkway of the garden is making it difficult to wander in without brushing up against the fuzzy leaves & stepping on them.

I will be checking to see if there are female flowers showing up yet as the first to bloom are male. Would be nice to have at least 1 pumpkin come out of this monster plant that I've let grow where it wants.

Growing as a companion to the pumpkin is a huge mass of California poppies. They are great insect attractors & thrive in the sandy soil between the flag stones (which makes me wonder how the pumpkin is growing in the same poor soil...)

I'm contemplating saving seeds from these as well & would like to see more out in the front where the conditions are a little more harsh than out in the back...

The Apothecary Garden is also taking off & I'm going to let the plants I've been gifted to grow & produce seed this year. Next year I'll start harvesting & using their goodness in salves & oils & teas.

This beauty is the Evening Primrose. It has scent in the evening hours, so I've got it close to the edge of the garden bed so we can enjoy it.

Have you ever noticed the different fragrances of your garden space at different moments of the day?

This is a crazy corner of the garden - love it!! The 6 foot tall red bee balm in the back, with the clary sage in shining silver with the yellow rose & a red frilly poppy just finishing it's bloom. There is a cherry tree off to the right & tall lilies in the front.  Other random seeds are sprouting & some plants are waiting for the fall to be moved to the front gardens & other plants are growing happily in the partial shade (like the 3 different clematis growing along the back & side fence).

This area smells heavenly & is one of my favourite spots to sit in the late afternoon when I'm home from work.

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