Friday, July 14, 2017

A Week of Gardens - part 2

Well, the first week was jumbled.
Let's see what this 2nd week of July will look like.

I harvested a good quantity of greens from the garden this week. The lettuce is amazing!! Cannot eat it quick enough, but it holds very well in the fridge & tastes so smooth & lovely that I am going to be seeding more when the weather cools down a bit.

The kale is now in the freezer for comfort food meals in the cooler weather & I'm drying the rose petals, lemon balm & calendula for teas or to make salves & oils later on.

These roses are so fragrant - have the with me at the table while I work.

I somehow missed the flowers on the pea plants & I'm pretty sure that over the course of only 4 days, these suddenly appeared! Super sweet & super crunchy - the pea patch is the first place I head to when I come home from work.

I took a peak under the leaves of the pumpkin & yes, it is flowering.

The poppies that were growing here have now been removed - thought it best to give this plant some space & to also allow me access to the garden! I've 'composted' the monster poppy plants in an area that I wouldn't mind having them grow on their own, so we shall see if they make an appearance there next year.
The tomatoes are finally making an appearance too & the plants look none the worse for being watered from the top down. I've put some slate stones underneath the plants to assist with heat & water & this seems to be working just fine.

There are 2 other tomato plants that are of the cherry variety - they seem to have gone a bit wild & I should take a closer look to see if I should prune them some & tie them up to the supports.

Lazy gardening...

Love hiding in the middle of the wildness of the flower beds. Viewing the gardens from different perspectives (inside out or back to front) gives ideas of creativity a chance to flourish.

Can't wait to propagate more of these wonder plants & watch more insects & hummingbirds come into the yard.

And finally these two - my shadows.
When I come home from work, they immediately seek me out for attention, for petting, playing & treats out in the garden. Well, the dog likes the treats from the garden & the cat just likes to play hide & seek in the flowers... 

This was another fabulous week in the garden. Let's see what happens this weekend & if I can share in a timely fashion the next growth explosion.

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