Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Little Perserverance Please

 The 'dog days' of summer...

Things are getting a little out of control.
The pak choy is bolting - but the flowers are edible & the leaves still sweet, so I'm letting this happen.

The zesty salad mix (mustards) are also bolting & these flowers are also edible. But the flavour of the leaves is now becoming very strong - over powers a salad & no one wants to eat it.

I keep telling myself that I'm letting the seeds develop so I can save some seed for next year. Not really working so I should really just pull the plants & compost them. Make room for some winter veggie plantings... or late season greens once the weather cools down... or carrots - would be nice to see carrots this year...

And how about that broccoli?! I like to check on them almost daily as I'm concerned that they will suddenly bolt overnight & I won't get to appreciate my first home-grown broccoli. Diligence will pay off...

The peas have decided they will grow & produce after all. This is a grand & glorious thing!

Lesson - peas are not skinny, narrow, vertical growing plants. They expand outwards & take up more horizontal space in your garden than you might think. I was trying to grow beets, celery, cucumbers, onions, leeks & radish in the shadow of the peas. Most of these will not make an appearance til they see some proper sunshine, which might not be til next year at the slow growth rate of the peas.

Peas need to be planted much sooner in the season.

And this is the monster pumpkin - growing smack dab in the middle of the walk-way in the veggie bed. Loving life in sandy soil with no nutrients (that I'm aware of) & a whole lot of heat (those stones can burn the bottoms of your bare feet in the noon-day sun!). This plant will not remain contained to the lower portion of this space - it is already sending out reaching tendrils towards the peas & I'm sure it will blanket more space over the following weeks...

I love this wildness & remain hopeful for a harvest of something from it.

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