Sunday, June 25, 2017

What A Little Rain Can Do

 We had a few cool days with some rain & then the temperatures warmed up again, which means that the gardens are fairly exploding right now!

I'm trying my hand at broccoli & we'll see if they grow heads that we can harvest. I would like to try sprouting broccoli next year & I'm tempted to start nibbling on the leaves right now to add different flavours to our meals.

The kale mix are also producing nicely too. I still prefer winter kale over the summer grown plants - slightly sweeter & far fewer insects. With the summer season upon us, I am already starting to think of what I can have in the gardens to help us through the autumn & winter. I'm going to be seeding more kale for sure!

 The potatoes are growing daily & I'm rather impressed that they are doing so buried under the wood shavings. I've run out of shavings & I'm not sure I can pile much more up on top the of the plants - I should look for some extra wood to place in front so that I can fill in that space.

I've planted dill seeds in that space in front, so will wait to see if they sprout before expanding the potatoes too much more.

The lettuce plants are growing almost faster than we can harvest & eat them! I make wonderful huge leafy salads for lunches & dinners & underneath these plants I have some zesty salad seeds starting to grow, which I hope will feed us later into the summer. But I'm forgetting that the summers on this side of the island are hotter & sunnier than the ones I had back on the west side of the island. I might not be able to grow salads for too much longer unless they are under other plants in slightly shadier & cooler conditions.

We are still enjoying the spinach & it is growing in a good spot in the veggie bed where it is sheltered by the peas on one side & the tall potatoes on the other. I will be sowing more spinach when the cooler weather returns as I am so amazed at the incredible flavour of fresh-from-the-garden spinach over what you can get at the grocery store.

The veggie bed is constantly changing with harvests & fresh seeding or plantings. It is a growing, living thing that I am enjoying so much once again.

I also rather appreciate the California poppies growing in between the flagstones in the middle.

And a random squash has sprouted there too. I'm not sure if it is pumpkin or another variety, but now that I'm remembering what used to be in the spot last year, I do recall that I had composted 2 pumpkins here last winter before we cleared the area in preparation of building the bed.

Will be interesting to see if I get a pumpkin!

Wonder what else will get growing...

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