Friday, June 23, 2017

Thinning the Apples

 Yesterday I came across several articles about thinning out apples on backyard apple trees & I knew this was something I had to do this year in a more serious manner than what I did last year.

I think I had to do an emergency thinning last year in mid-July as the tree was almost uprooting itself due to such a heavy load of fruit!

But learning how to let go of a potential fruit is a tough thing to do! Making that decision of which one to remove & which one to keep...

~ sigh ~

 So I carefully removed the smallest fruits, the ones with blemishes or insect damage & I checked the whole tree for general health & removed some of the new growth in order to keep it compact for the space in which it is growing.

I do think this year we might have to find some support system for the tree as it just doesn't seem to be rooted very strong & the winds really do blow it around. Will do yet more research on this & hopefully a couple of lines attached to the fence will assist in keeping the tree from tipping over later in the year.

As you can see, there are some sizeable apples I removed & it looks like a lot. *it is a lot!!!*

I'm looking forward to eating some fresh crunchy apples later on this year & hopefully, we'll come up with a better idea of what variety they are!

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