Sunday, June 4, 2017

Season of Pink

 It seems that Pink is in High Fashion in the gardens right now.

I generally don't pick pink flowering plants, but this is what was already established here & if they survive the winter & our pruning & relocation, then I will let them stay.

This is a pink azalea that needs to be moved closer to where you can see the individual flowers. It is actually quite lovely, but seen from the far side of yard, it looks like a Barbie pom-pom. Closer inspection would allow great appreciation.

There are several rhodos that are blooming a bit later this year due to the winter & the heavy pruning from last year.

Yes, they are all pink as well...

I think having contrasting foliage textures & other coloured blooms before & after these bloom will help break up this Pink Parade.

This is a lovely ground cover that I've not yet identified. It has a candy stripe theme that is quite nice.

 And this evergreen azalea has such large blooms! We gave the plant a massive prune last year to reduce the size & clear out a lot of dead branches & branches that were growing in the wrong direction.

Looks like it enjoyed the trim!

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