Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rose Season Starting

I've not had much luck in growing roses previously, but am finding myself falling back in love with these prickly plants.

There was one already established in the front corner by the driveway when we moved in & I spent a lot of time last year pruning out all the dead branches. I think I may have removed at least half the plant by the end of the season.

As a reward for pruning and some fresh soil, this rose bloomed and bloomed and bloomed! It currently is just starting to share some flowers and I can see that it is going to be very prolific again.

I wonder if roses like having their flowers cut for indoor arrangements & produce heavier as a result....

This variety looks like a tea rose mutant. Compact bush with slightly fragrant flowers. Once the rain stops, I'll go & cut myself a small bouquet to bring in and admire.

There are more plants out in the gardens that are blooming. Can't wait to share!

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