Saturday, June 3, 2017

Peas Popping up

 The peas are finally starting to sprout & pop up. I have a section for the shelling peas - so they'll be here pretty much all season long, if we can resist eating them as soon as they appear...

I'm installing a bamboo weave trellis in front of all the peas to get them growing up quickly. I had hoped that the lattice panels in behind would do the trick, but peas seem to be picky & want smaller diameter items to climb up.

We'll see what happens given the choice of 2 different things to climb on.

I have a section of sugar peas too & I was not sure if the seeds I had planted would sprout, so I found a 6 pack of sprouted sugar peas & popped them in the ground. Well, it looks like I will have a lot of peas as those older seeds are sprouting finally...

Actually, that's a good thing as it will extend the harvest for us & we'll be able to share with the pooch (who loves her veggies fresh from the garden).

I'm also trying my hand at red onion & leek starts & in-between those rows the radish are starting to make a good show.

Feels good to see some green popping up - can't wait to start eating home grown goodness too!

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