Saturday, June 24, 2017

I can Almost Taste the Sweetness

 I've never grown strawberries on purpose before.

They were always accidental finds tucked away from the main growing space.

This year, I dug them up & planted them specifically to see if I could indeed grow them mindfully.

They are slightly behind in the growing season - pretty much like everything in my yard - but I enjoy watching the process.

 I put down a thin layer of wood shavings to assist in keeping the weeds down & the moisture in.

So far, the dog has ignored the plants & I have no intention of sharing our crop with her. If I'm able to encourage more plants to grow in the wild corners of the yard, I might be more inclined to let her have one or two.

We have some hot weather coming this week, so hopefully the berries will pop & we'll be able to enjoy them soon!

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