Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Eating Green Things

 Am finally eating green things from the garden again!

How I missed it over the last 2 years!

Since I don't yet have the room to start my own seeds earlier in the season indoors, I purchased quite a few veggie starts to get things going until the seeds I planted directly in the gardens could grow & start providing food for us.

The lettuce leaves are so tender & delicious that it is hard to not eat them before bringing them inside to share in a meal!

I tried growing Swiss chard last fall as a winter veggie, but the winter was rather harsh and we didn't have much of an opportunity to eat it before it all died.
Right now, they are doing very well & I'm making more of an effort to eat it in different ways in order to enjoy it fresh. I'd rather not harvest it to put in the freezer right now, unless it starts to grow crazy fast & we are unable to keep up with it.

Fresh is best!

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