Friday, June 9, 2017

Chamomile Harvest - Part 1

The chamomile I grew last year reseeded like crazy & this spring as we were renovating the backyard, I dug up many seedlings to spread around the back & the front flower beds.

I'm trying my hand at harvesting the flowers for tea later this year and my first harvest a few days ago meant that I cut down a large handful of flower bunches.

Well, after a bit of research (plus seeing how many unopened flowers were in those bunches!)I found that it was better to go & pluck all the open flowers off the flower bunches to allow the rest to open later on & provide a larger, longer harvest. Or to let them reseed for next year's growing season.

I have them drying right now & it is going to take a lot more harvests to have a large jar available for the winter tea season! I was going to head out today to gather more, but with the rain falling (much needed), I do not want to pick wet flowers. Plus they have all closed up & are droopy, so I don't want to damage the plants either.

One of the other great benefits of growing lots of chamomile is that I will be using the spent plants as mulch for the winter, which will protect the soil, spread more seeds and add organic matter back to the soils as they break down.

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