Friday, May 19, 2017

Violet Harvest

~ Viola cornuta ~
 This spring has been very generous to some plants. Violets (I call these Johnny Jump Ups) are very prolific right now and have been for a month already.

They grow wild in my yard & I'm constantly digging up wee plants & moving them to where there are holes in my flower beds. They transplant very easily & you can eat the flowers!

I tried a violet syrup (made with honey) but found it much too sweet & just not what I was looking for. The blooms can be used in desserts, on cakes & cookies or scones & my choice of use is for tea.

~ fresh picked blooms ~
 So I head outside every week to gather fresh bright blooms & lay them out to dry. It doesn't take long for them to dry in my pantry closet nor does it take long for the plants to put out new flowers!

~ dried blooms for tea ~
I'm going to dry as many as I can right now so that I can blend different blossoms into a tea for the dreary winter months, but I also want to try a fresh blossom tea & once I find the recipe for that, will do so & let you know what it is like. I've not tried to make my own herbal or floral teas but am discovering all the ingredients for them in my back yard. This might the summer of teas & infusions!

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