Saturday, May 20, 2017

Stomping through the Flowers

~ basket of gold alyssum ~
 Now that the weather is starting to warm up, the flowers are starting to catch up to where they should be in blooms.
~ forget-me-not ~

Some of my favourite delicate blooms are Basket of Gold and forget-me-nots. They bloom in profusion & confusion & attract a great many pollinating insects & other creepy crawly critters. And they spread themselves quite easily without my assistance - a necessity in my gardens!

But that also means there are a couple of curious creatures that will stomp & jump & dash & hide & dig into them in search of these wonderful creepy crawly critters!

But honestly, how could you not enjoy watching another creature enjoy the garden space as well?? I'm not growing award winning plants & prefer the wildness that allows them to feel a bit wild when they are out with me.

Maybe they are finding the bad bugs & eating them for me? Well, the cat would...

Maybe they are spreading seeds around or inadvertently dead-heading some spent blooms...

Maybe - just maybe - I'm a bit jealous that they can play like that in the plants & forget that they are domesticated...

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