Thursday, May 18, 2017

Planting Potatoes

 Earlier this month I finally planted my potatoes!

They don't look like much & it is not a very big area as I don't eat a whole lot of them. I actually don't have potatoes in my garden plan, but when I found a few that had sprouted, I thought I would try a new technique this year.

I scraped out a small trench in the dirt in an area that receives a fair amount of sunlight (despite the shadows in the photo).

Then I just dumped on some wood shavings! This particular type is something I picked up from the local farm feed supply store that I usually use in my compost - Stallion Shavings. It's made out of soft woods like pine - not cedar, which would not be something I would try to grow in unless it were extremely composted.

In order to keep the shavings from blowing around, I put on a layer of fish compost & whenever I water the garden I made sure to water the potato patch as well.

We shall see if the potatoes decide to grow or if I have just created a new compost pile this year.

Fingers crossed - gardening is always about trying something new!

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