Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kale Blossom Apple Cider Vinegar

 The kale survived the winter & we've been snacking on the sweet tasty leaves for a few months now.

The warmer weather means that the kale is going to go to flower, produce seeds & if I am able to collect those seeds, I'll have some to plant next spring. If I don't collect the seeds & they fall down & start to sprout, than I will have some transplants to move into the veggie bed for overwintering!


Wait - there's another win too!!

The blossoms are edible & one of the best ways (other than eating them in salads) to preserve this goodness is to infuse them in apple cider vinegar for use later on in the summer & winter. Great for making tart & tangy salad dressings or a splash in meat dishes or on eggs or whatever your kitchen witch needs!

I harvested some blossom stalks rather early in the day - just after they dried from the morning dew.

Popped stalks & blooms into a tall mason jar & poured in the apple cider vinegar.

Give the jar a few swirls to remove air bubbles & let infuse on the counter over night. I loosely covered the jar & that kept out any insects or curious cat tongues.

Simply pour the liquid through a mesh strainer to catch any bits & I store mine in beer bottles with snap tops (Grolsch bottles work out very well).

I don't store mine in the fridge - things get lost in there, so it lives on the counter beside my herbal salts, herbal oils & other vinegars so that I remember to use it.

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