Sunday, May 28, 2017

Developing the Fruit Beds

In preparation for when the sod was to arrive last Tuesday, we cleaned up the yard & I was able to move in some soil & start developing one of my fruit beds.

We had picked up a Dolgo crab apple at a Seedy Saturday event this spring & this is where I planted it.

When we moved in last year & started working on the yard, there was a shrub up beside the house that I dug up & put in the front yard. I discovered it was a red gooseberry! So I have now replanted it in this bed & gave it a bit of a prune so it would fit the space. It already has fruit & looks like it will produce a good crop this year.

The rest of the bed has iris & other plants I rescued from the previous gardens. I have also picked up a rhubarb plant that will go in towards the back of the bed. It might be a couple years before I'm harvesting much off it but I'm looking forward to adding it to our spring feasts.

Eventually we will fix that back fence panel & I want to install a compost pile where the large pot is. Raspberries are in the future planning as well.

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