Thursday, May 25, 2017

And then a Little Seeding

Back on the 18th - only a week ago - I picked up some fresh seeds & dug through my collection of herb & veggie seeds to see what I could direct seed & if I could follow 'the plan' that I have on paper.

I've intercropped my radish with the leeks & onions & thrown down some carrots in a small patch. The beets are behind the lettuce & I've intercropped the lettuce starts with some mixed zesty greens.

Along the front I have 2 large areas of arugula & zesty greens - how I miss fresh greens from the garden right now! & I'm trying some new things: pac choi & yu choi sum (which is like a sprouting broccoli) - greens that you can steam or stir fry or each fresh in salads.

I'm also trying summer celery - not looking to grow your grocery store bundle of celery stalks, but tender stalks with savory leaves.

I also seeded lots of herbs: basil, parsley, chervil, thyme, winter savory, sage, oregano & more summer savory as well as some spinach as I know I'm going to be munching on that pretty quick. The sugar peas & shelling peas are seeded along the back lattice & I just picked up some bamboo stakes so I can weave a growing trellis as I don't think they'll grow up the lattice initially.

I still have room for tomatoes, peppers & maybe a cucumber (I did pick up pickling cucumber seeds & should get those started right away). These I will pick up towards the end of next week once the weather is more reliably warm in the evenings.

BTW: the seeds have sprouted!! At least the radish, arugula, lettuce, pac choi & yu choi sum have. The herbs might take a bit longer or they might just be too old. I have a lot of older seeds from my previous garden & we shall see what happens this year with my broadcast seeding.

Sun is shining - need to get out there & build that pea trellis!

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