Monday, April 3, 2017

Peas Planted!

A few days ago I picked up some more herbs for the gardens, which included a pack of sugar peas. I've been feeling rather down & out with gardening lately - no time, no energy, overloaded with obsessing about my garden plans for the year  & putting a bit too much pressure on myself to get things done before they need to be done.

But the peas... why keep them in the window?!

So I planted them today while the sun was melting the frost off the roof & warming my back.

They are planted under the lattice panel we installed last year along with the chamomile that is coming back & some foxgloves & columbines & toadflax... all a random assortment of seeds that I spread out last year to fill in all the wide open holes in the flower beds.

(on a side note: I'm having some issues with my blog posts being uploaded & am not sure if it is the picture size or the internet just hates me right now. This is where garden therapy is so dearly needed...)

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