Monday, April 24, 2017

Medicinal Herbal Syrup

~ start of Violet Honey Syrup ~
 I attended a wonderful day course just up the island in Cumberland at Black Bear Herbs where I was introduced to some hands-on learning on teas, decoctions, tinctures, poultices, salves & syrups.


I'm experiencing a bit of Gardener's Anxiety (thank you TJ for that definition!), so this was exactly what I needed.

Remember all those lovely little violets I have growing in my yard? Well, one thing I gleaned from everything we talked about was that violets can be used medicinally in teas & in a honey syrup.

~ darling violet faces ~
So I gathered up as many as I could find first thing in the morning & let them steep in boiled water over night. The colour was this lovely green...

The following day I removed the spent flowers & warmed the liquid up again so that I could add the honey. I found another cluster of blooms in the backyard & tossed them into the bottle & the mix went a fantastic shade of purple!

~ completed violet honey syrup ~
I've now placed the cooled syrup in the fridge & am looking forward to a nice glass of sparkling water with violet syrup at the end of a busy day in the gardens.

I will gather the next harvest of blooms to dry & use in teas this summer.

Next month I am headed back to Cumberland to partake in another day course about growing a Medicinal Herb Garden - which is perfect timing as I am redesigning & replanting my entire growing space.

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