Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jungle in the Sunshine

 Sort of feels like spring out here this morning! The sun is shining & it is actually warm!

We are preparing for an overhaul of the backyard & I thought I'd take a 'before' picture before things start to change...

As you can see, the raised bed is waiting for soil & we have lots of lumber for our privacy & vertical growing projects. We've not bothered to mow the grass yet this year so things are looking more lush & healthy than they really are.

This afternoon when I come home from class (more on that later), we'll be taking the potted maples & stones off the yard in preparation for stripping the sod off the back yard tomorrow.

It's rather sad to have to scrape off the top layer out there, but the soil is very compacted, full of moss & paint chips & nails & goodness knows what else from last year's reno projects & years of previous abuse. It will be leveled (a really good low spot is right where the plum tree is planted) & a fresh layer of top soil will be spread out. Will be a good move to start creating a more healthy space for plants & for the pets who roll around in the grass & sand.

Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate with us & give us a few days grace from the rains...

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