Saturday, April 15, 2017

Creepy Crawlies

~ Western conifer seed bug ~
Finding insects in the house is not always a wonderful experience. But I try to identify as many of them as I can before they get squished or chomped on. I like to know what sort of 'good guy vs bad guy' population I have going for me in the gardens.

This particular insect had me going for a day or two and after some digging on-line, we figured out that it is a Western Conifer Seed bug - not a true stink bug, but there is that stinky back-side explosion potential waiting for an unsuspecting chomp from the cat or squish from the squeamish.
I look at this particular bug as a traveller through my garden (here's more info) and will keep my eye out during the season to see if there are more as we do have some large Douglas fir trees in the neighbourhood.

The legs and colouring on this insect are rather interesting - I might have to invest in a magnifying glass AND a proper insect ID book. I always want to know before hand if the cat is going to chomp on something that might injure her... or at least give her a shot of something nasty.

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