Sunday, April 23, 2017

Back Yard Project(s)

Due to the unhealthy state of our back yard (years of chemical treatments, poor drainage, moss, renovation debris & slope), we decided to strip the lawn & top layer of soil off & start fresh.

What a mess! But in a good, positive way...

Day One was focussed mainly on cutting the sod down to the proper depth. The sod cutter was a tricky machine to use, but sure made the job go by quickly! Could not imagine trying to dig up the lawn with a pick & shovel!

Yesterday the last 2 loads of lawn was hauled away & now we can see some of the bones of the landscape.

There is a big dip in the yard towards the back corner right where the plum tree is planted. We'll be bringing in a load of fresh top soil & making everything level before bringing in some sod.

To plant grass seed vs sod... pro's & con's on both sides, but for ease of having a quick lawn & for the pets, we chose to go with sod.

Shows what the current flower bed outline is & has me thinking that maybe I should widen them a bit more while I have the chance...

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