Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back Yard Project(s) - Part 2

The weather is finally cooperating with us & allowed for the installation of the lattice panels & posts along the back fence line.

This is a great privacy barrier, wind barrier, partial sun shade & vertical growing tool.

I have 1 & 1/2 panels to use directly in my raised bed, but will be making use of all the panels along the back for perennial vines & seasonal vegetables or flowers.

This time of year is difficult to be working in the existing flower beds - digging holes for the fence posts means bringing up soil that has a lot of clay in it, which then gets dumped on the plants that are growing. A lot has been trampled & buried but there is a lot of other plants that I can transplant into these areas or just throw down some annual seeds to fill in the empty spots.

You can see Spook - our constant companion out in the gardens. Curious as ever & not afraid to get in the way for attention.

At least the fence is low enough to still allow us to have conversations with our backyard neighbours on occasion.

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