Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Blooms Continue to Pop

Headed outside today to check on the flower beds to see what's blooming - about bloomin' time, too! Spring is a full month behind but it looks like most things survived the winter.

The front flower bed is starting to fill in with the divided & replanted bulbs from last spring plus a smattering of randomly sown seeds & transplanted plants. I hope to continue to divide & transplant things from the backyard over the summer as we rebuild the back.

 The large daffodils are starting to nod their yellow heads at me & I find it hard to resist cutting them to bring them inside for me to enjoy on these dull & dreary rainy days.

The front flower beds are starting to develop their own personality with the mini daffodils & hyacinths slowly emerging. I'm looking for a few layering plants to add some depth to the flower beds without blocking the front approach.

Out in the back, the mini daffodils have poked up through the leaf mulch I applied in the fall. I want to leave the leaves & will more than likely apply a layer of compost over top once some of the flowers have finished blooming. This area has pretty poor soil - I cannot dig up the daffodils to divide them & hope that in a few years of soil amendments, I will be able to do so without damaging the tree & shrub roots.

This particular ground cover - whose name escapes me at the moment is finally starting to bloom & the divisions I took last year look like they are taking hold elsewhere in the beds. Wonderful, long blooming plant.

The bulbs I found in the tool shed & planted up in some pots on a sunny day a few months ago seem to be taking off & will at least grow leaves to help them survive til I am able to plant them properly this fall. I'm enjoying the extra added bonus of a few blooms as well.

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