Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dolgo Crab Apple

We attended the Seedy Saturday this past weekend & the snow seems to have kept the number of people down a bit from last year. I highly recommend checking out these local events as there are so many opportunities to pick up locally grown plants or seeds & a great chance to speak with those who grow successfully in your area.

This year I needed to keep my purchases minimal as I need to continue to build the foundations of my garden beds with fresh soil & strong structural supports.

We did invest in a crab apple tree! We picked up a two year old, bare root Dolgo crab apple. The poor thing is now potted up in soil, but covered in snow, waiting for the eventual thaw & right opportunity for planting.

I have crab apples in the freezer from a very generous harvest, so decided to make some crab apple jelly. The flavour is quite divine & such a pretty colour. I have reserved some of the juice to use in my smoothies or to mix with sparkling water for a refreshing tart beverage.

I'm really looking forward to having this wonderful pollinator in the yard & hope to be able to harvest my own fruit in a year or two.

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