Friday, February 10, 2017

Bringing in a Little Green

~ herbs in window sill ~
Finally got my car out of the driveway today & when I got to the grocery store, the sun was shining, the snow is melting & there were the first-of-the-season herbs on display!

I couldn't resist picking up a few pots of herbs that I've been missing in my garden.

A couple frilly-fancy-French lavender, an English thyme, Greek oregano, dwarf marjoram and a couple of curry plants.

If you ever get the chance to smell a curry plant or rub the leaves, please do! When they flower, they look a bit like yarrow flowers, but they smell like lovely curry - non-edible, mind you, but the smell in the warm sunshine is quite unusual & will make you stop & spend a few more moments in the garden.

I'm feeling so much better now that the sun is shining & the snow is melting. We won't talk about how much snow is still out there...

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