Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Year, New Plan

January - camellia bud
Spring is just around the corner - seriously! I was outside yesterday doing a bit of garden clean-up & much needed therapy (with the cat of course) & spent some time digging in the dirt & looking to see what was popping up out of the soil.

Last fall I participated in a Organic Master Gardener's course, which brought me some much needed confidence boosting in what I've learned about gardening over the years & allowed me to connect with some amazing like-minded fellow gardeners.

In February I start a new course all about learning to grow food. I've not yet seen the course outline, but I do know that in order for me to start growing food once again, I need to put into action some of the ideas that we have for a raised veggie bed in the back yard, as well as some vertical growing ideas we are playing around with.

I want to take time to document some of my achievements (successes or failures, they are progression & forward momentum) so I'm going to work at bringing back my garden blog in order to keep track & to keep myself accountable in this adventure.

Hope a few of you join me in this!

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