Saturday, January 28, 2017

Laying a Solid Foundation

 Can you believe it is 11 degrees Celcius today?!

The wood showed up last night & today we decided to actually build the raised bed before the weather turned & the rains returned.

Our choice of wood: yellow cedar, which is actually a cypress, not a cedar. Not an exceptionally popular wood as it is found in high elevations & is a bit more difficult to harvest, but seems to be gaining popularity now that they have to harvest fir higher up where the yellow cedar is located.

This wood has the strength of fir but the chemical characteristics of red cedar - best of both worlds!

Also, (for now at least) the price is amazing! (for example: fir planks 2 x 12 would be $3.20/linear foot, red cedar planks the same size would be $6.52/linear foot while the yellow cedar cost us only $2.40/linear foot) !!!

Our raised be is constructed of 2 x 12 planks. The side by the shed is 10 feet long with the opposite size being 12 feet. The sides are 14 feet long. The inside walk is 10 feet long by about 3 feet wide.

The bed is almost ready for filling with fresh growing medium, but we are not yet finished with this project.

We have 4 x 4 posts to dig into the bed & along the fence line in order to install some lattice panels.

But for today, this is an amazing start to this year's growing season.

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