Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When the Rains Returned

 The alyssum reseeded like crazy and there is a developing white carpet in the front flower beds once again.

The delicious honey-scent wafting in through the door in the late afternoon is quite nice and it is so good to see the pollinators are enjoying an extended blooming season.

Wonder if I should get a hive??
 The Autumn Sedums are also starting to put on their show of tall red blooms, which contrasts very nicely to the low growing alyssum.

They too have a wonderful variety of insects stopping by for much needed fuel.

It's amazing how quickly these plants became established and multiplied to fill in some of the large gaps in the beds.

I'm not certain, but this plant that self-seeded in the back yard might be a basket stuffer called Million Bells... it is growing low to the ground and wants to drape down and over itself. I love the bright colour and the fact that it can be trampled on and attacked (by the cat) and still keep on blooming.

Wonder if it will return next year?

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