Sunday, September 4, 2016

Plum Harvest

 After waiting all summer long, I could no longer hold out and I picked one of the only 2 fruit on the plum tree to see why it was not turning purple and ripening...

Well, it turns out that we have inherited a Green Gage plum tree! It will not turn purple when ripe, but this lovely yellow-green colour.

The flesh is also a bright yellow and the flavour is not tart like the Italian prune plums but sweet and intense.

We now need to figure out how to promote more than just 2 fruit to grow. This wee stick of a tree did have a large show of blossoms this spring, but with the early blooming time of plums and the cool spring weather, they may not have been pollinated very well.

There is a neighbour just around the corner who has 2 very large, very productive prune plum trees, so I will have to monitor when they are in bloom compared to when mine blooms and possibly do a bit of hand pollinating or plant another compatible blooming fruit tree.

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