Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fizzy Beverage - Part 2

 Brewing kombucha requires patience.

And I do not have much of that when it comes to making tasty treats... so the first batch of kombucha was not as amazing as I had envisioned, but that's alright - I am an eager experimenter in the kitchen!

This is a bottle of 'booch with fresh mint and ginger. I'll leave it out on the counter for a few days to go through the second fermentation process (which is supposed to make it a fizzy beverage).
We now have 2 jars in which to brew the magic and provide us with more to enjoy.

So, it starts out as a dark, sweet tea with our SCOBY brewing inside and we end up with a lighter coloured refreshing drink to which we can add different flavours.

Since we aren't regular drinkers of the stuff, I cannot attest to any health benefits as of yet. We'll have to see how things progress over the next few months as this is a process that requires a bit of warmth and we are entering the cooler season. I might have to get creative with keeping things warm enough to brew...

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