Sunday, August 7, 2016

What a Crock - Part 2

 About a week ago, while making my first batch of pickles, I ran out of jars but not imagination (What a Crock (part 1)) and today I'm sharing an update.

The crock did not actually make it out into the garage immediately - it sat on the floor under the kitchen island for the last week & I've been peaking into it almost daily.

There was a film of white yeast on the top, which is harmless but should be removed (skimmed off) as much as possible. This indicates that I also need to move the crock out into the garage where it is cooler. I will sprinkle a bit of salt on the top & around the edges & monitor things to ensure that the yeast doesn't return too heavily. It might impart a flavour to the pickles that we don't necessarily want.

The pickle we tested for breakfast was wonderfully crunchy! Not very salty at all (so the addition of a wee bit of extra salt to the brine at this stage shouldn't make the final product overly salty).

I like that we can dip into the crock and eat fresh pickles much sooner than with my canned pickles - which I will wait to test for a while longer.

Wonder what other veggies I could toss into the mix for some amazing crunchy treats?

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