Saturday, August 13, 2016


 Wild flowers have their own special place in the garden. They will try to take over, they will grow only where they want to grow & never exactly where you want & then they will self-seed either in a most successful way, or not at all.

The annual red poppies are finished for the year, except for a couple late bloomers.

Now it is time to harvest the seeds for next year.

The back yard is in a rather dead state of affairs right now. Mid-way to the next project of yard reno. I've just been keeping the weeds down to a dull roar for the last month.

You know when the seed heads are ready to harvest when the crowns are dry and open up. Of course, there is a high likelihood that while you are cutting off the ripe seed heads you will aid in the self-seeding process, which is not a bad thing as you will gather more seeds than you know what to do with.

I let the seed heads dry for about a week inside and gently shake out as many of those wee seeds as possible. I'll jar them up & start the seeding process late in the winter around February.

 The poppy seeds that I planted out in the new gardens are now finally blooming, so the earlier you sow seeds, the earlier you'll have blooms. I like that these later blooming poppies are pink - a bit of a change from the sea of red we had.

I think successive seeding of the annuals might be the way to go for an extended blooming season.

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