Monday, August 15, 2016

Joy in a Jar

Ok - so I was still stuck on the Sunshine in a Jar idea and I still had plenty of nectarines that needed something creative done with them.

I didn't have enough for a batch of wine (the wine kit is still packed away), so I thought I would create my own Joy Jars...

Amazingly enough, there was still rum left over from making the rumtopf, so I thought to can up some nectarines in a honey syrup with a bit of rum in each jar. I added a bit of lemon rind and sliced ginger to each jar, tossed in a few cloves to the honey syrup and bingo-bango.... Joy in a Jar!

So easy! Love the colour and this will definitely bring a smile to our faces this winter when we are craving something different.

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