Sunday, August 14, 2016

Boozy Preserves - the Rumtopf

 The bounty at this time of year seems endless and I really do wish there were more hours in the day and more room in the pantry!

The box of nectarines are ripe - a little more ripe than I had anticipated, so immediate creativity was required. The Sunshine in a Jar experiment seemed to have been successful (no I haven't cracked open a jar yet!), so I thought I would try something similar - yet completely different - with the nectarines.

 I stumbled across exactly what I needed and it's called Rumtopf.

As usual, the Brew Master mixed things up a whole lot and went with the nectarines, slices of lemon and lime, loads of sliced fresh ginger, fresh honey and fresh mint from the garden.

It smelled divine!!

As I was stirring things up and adding the rum, I found some almost forgotten strawberries in the fridge and at the last moment tossed in a generous pinch of dried lavender.

I covered it with saran and put the lid on. Now it will sit in the back pantry for a few months (yeah right - a few weeks until it 'needs' to be tested) and this will be a great Christmas addition to our celebrations.

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