Sunday, August 28, 2016

Blooming Strong

 With all this amazing Oceanside Sunshine and Heat, there are lots of flowers still blooming strong in the gardens.

A few new ones popped up too - which means I've probably been pulling them out all summer long thinking they were weeds, but with the heat of the last couple of weeks, I've not been as meticulous in the weed pulling department so they've had a chance to grow and bloom.

The African Daisies are a wonderful surprise. Will save some seeds for next year!

 The violas are ever changing and ever growing and ever spreading!

Hidden under the leaves of the kale and Brussel sprout plants I found some that looked almost black.

Love these little pretty faces peeking out at me.

And the yellow rose put on a spectacular performance!! I've learned to enjoy the roses from outside because when I cut some to bring in the house to enjoy, they are drop their petals within 24 hours. It just means I have to enter the garden and get close to the roses to enjoy them fully. I'm not complaining!

Wonder what will pop up in the gardens once the rains return?

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