Saturday, August 27, 2016

Apple Harvest

 The last couple of weeks have been very hot and it was all I could do to turn the sprinkler on in the evening & enjoy an hour in the cooling air.

I've been keeping an eye on the apple tree - watching as it gets more laden down with beautiful fruit that still have yet to be named.

The neighbour said there are raccoons visiting their yard, so I thought it would be best to see what I could harvest off the tree immediately to prevent a critter invasion on my side of the fence.

As usual - my shadows were with me: Spook the cat, getting under foot...

And Nola, looking for a treat.

I'm rather impressed with  the size of most of the fruit and have learned a very valuable lesson. It is better to thin out fruit after pollination in order to have a healthier tree and healthier fruit at harvest time.

Made a lovely apple-blackberry crisp with the smaller, slightly buggy fruit which will satisfy our sweet-tooth cravings this weekend.

* note: I did a harvest earlier in July in order to save the tree as it almost fell over & made some lovely apple sauce *

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