Sunday, June 7, 2015

What's in the Garden?

~ garlic ~
 June has arrived & finally brought some heat & sunshine. That means the gardens are taking off & changing almost by the day.

The garlic is starting to produce some scapes, which I hope to turn into pesto or maybe sell at the Market to those who didn't get their garlic planted last fall.

In a few weeks, I'll stop watering this bed to allow the garlic to set. There are some very large stalks & I can't wait to harvest them & see how big the cloves are!!
~ greenhouse beds ~

The greenhouse beds are seeded & starting to sprout. A new drip line was just picked up & this coming weekend, we'll be installing a better system than what is currently in place. This is going to be such a dry summer that consistent watering will be a major requirement to any amount of success for greens.

Can't wait to have it all installed & set up!! 
~ marionberries ~

The Marionberries are getting very large! They look like loganberries & I truly hope these are blackberries... They should start to ripen up in a few weeks & the plants are very happy & healthy in the bed they are planted in. I have Sweet Williams flowering all along the base of the plants, so the berry flowers have been pollinated successfully.

I think I need to find an early flower to plant around my currant shrubs to entice the bees early in the spring to pollinate those flowers - they aren't doing as well as I had hoped (again).

So far - so good... just need a bit more consistent sunshine & we'll be eating fresh food in no time!

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