Thursday, June 25, 2015

Things that Wander into & out of the Garden

~ Egyptian Wandering Onions ~

I was once told that onions are the easiest thing to grow in the garden. I, of course, had to prove them wrong... I'm not very good at growing your traditional white, yellow or red onion BUT I am very good at growing these wonderful onions - Egyptian Wandering onions. They are great! They will actually take over if you aren't harvesting them. As you can see - the tops of the onion form their own little bulblets that get heavy & cause the plant to lean over & start growing new plants where those land in the soil. Hence, the wandering around the gardens...

While the plant doesn't grow a large bulb like your traditional onion, you can eat all aspects of it. Roast them up with other veggies & meat or chop them up & toss them into your fresh-from-the-garden summer salads! I've heard that you can even pickle those little kernels on the top!

The fun thing is when you pick those little bulblets & spread them around the gardens. I like to slip them into the flower beds for an added bit of interest & texture.

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