Sunday, June 21, 2015

Harvest of a Different Sort

~ coho with anchovy ~
 Happy Father's Day!!
What a great day to be out on the water - we took a day off from the gardens & went out to harvest something of a different sort... fish!!

Our adventure took us 25 miles off the coast of Vancouver Island to the Big Bank... wow - what a journey! I really wish I had taken a photo of what the island looks like from way out there....

The sun was shining & the seas were calm.
~ our 'catch of the day'

One of our coho salmon was still chasing after the anchovy in the water when we hooked it & brought it into the boat!

Our day brought us back to the dock in the early afternoon & we brought home a small halibut, a couple spring salmon & a couple coho salmon.

We have food in the freezer to share with friends & family!

~ Nola gets the anchovy ~
The pooch (Nola) was excited to see the harvest & certainly enjoyed her fresh anchovy!

Now that we've had some fun out on the water, it's time to get back to the gardens...

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