Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Garlic Scape Harvest

~ garlic scapes growing big ~
 The garlic is having a very good growing season this year. I'm very happy to see many large stalks & I'm hoping that the bulbs themselves will also be large & fleshy. But that will have to wait a few weeks longer.

Right now, the garlic scapes are growing quickly & in order to have the plant put all its energy into those bulbs in the ground, they need to be removed from the stalks.
~ garlic scape harvest ~

Garlic scapes are a wonderful early 'garlic hit' & have a power-house of nutrients that we can eat & take advantage of.

~ garlic scape pesto ~
Once you cut them from the stalk (best to do it early in the day so that the cut has a chance to heal up & not ooze all over the place in the heat of the afternoon), you can keep them in the fridge for a few days while you experiment with them in the kitchen.

Why not roast them up along with your potatoes & chicken? Or how about chop them fine & add them to an omelet? Or how about try a new twist on the pesto idea?

That's what I did - pesto - one of my most favorite condiments in the fridge. I usually make pesto with my spring harvest of lemon sorrel & then pop all those little jars into the freezer to use up during the year.

Why not try it with the garlic scapes? This version tastes tart & garlic-y & has the potential for so many great things... I just used some sorrel leaves, lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper. Whip it all up & put into jars & freeze for later experimentation.

The whole process would have been a whole lot easier if I would just invest in a proper kitchen tool (food processor) to do the job... maybe that's something I can look into down the road for future gardens...

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