Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brewing up a Little Tea... Compost Tea...

~ compost tumbler cooking ~
 Now is a great time to give the gardens a much needed boost with some fertilizer. I like to use what I have on hand - finished compost!

This is a double benefit - it gets the compost spread out into the gardens & feeds the plants immediately without having to disturb the soil to get the compost mixed in.

The compost tumbler has been brewing up a new batch of compost since late winter - I emptied it in February & the finished compost from then is what I'm using. The compost tumbler needs some grass clippings & I might just let that batch brew up for a few more months before emptying it again.

~ finished compost ~
 This finished compost is what I want to spread around. There are lots of worms in this - which is great! I can add worms to the soil while I'm feeding it!

I put several scoops into my buckets & added water. Stir it up. Pour it on! It gets messy & can be a bit smelly if the compost has sat for a while without air. It's all good in the end for the plants.

Now - get growing gardens!! I'm getting hungry for fresh veggies!

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