Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Disappeared but Forgot to Tell Anyone

~ yellow iris ~
 The spring weather has been 'interesting' & a bit of a challenge this year. It has cooled down & remained cloudy & even foggy for most of the month & those rains that we usually get to help get new plants & seedlings on their way, hasn't returned...

This is going to be 'one of those years' where the weather will remain unpredictable - which, for a gardener can be frustrating as those great weather days perfect for gardening usually fall during those days when working elsewhere is required...

So, with cool weather, lack of proper rain - but lots of dew still - it's difficult to find the energy & enthusiasm to get into the gardens proper... I tend to take short excursions to take photos & check that what I do have seeded is taking care of itself. Right now, the flowers are putting on a show. I'll have to take some time to update the veggie gardens & where I'm at with the greenhouse project.
~ apple blossoms ~

~ comfrey in bloom ~

~ perennial bachelor button ~

~ pink flowering dogwood ~

~ pink flowering dogwood ~

~ pink flowering dogwood ~

~ lilac ~

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