Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Garden Shadow

~ Nola ~
I have a new Garden Shadow this year. Her name is Nola & she's a lovely little Cairn Terrier.

Last year it was a group of ducks, this year it's a wee little dog who loves to be outside, investigating every weed I dig up, every plant I cut & every edible I harvest. She will gladly try to eat anything I am harvesting, only to find out that right now, herbs & greens are not what she was hoping for... Wait til the berry season arrives!!

She'll pop up right in my face in between the flowers & remain either under hand or under foot while I'm working away. Right now, I'm gently training her to stay out of the beds so she doesn't trample the young plants. Thankfully, she's not yet figured out the joy of digging in the dirt!! I'll let her dig in the tide pools down at the beach (looking for crabs or snails), so maybe that will not be an issue we need to worry about.

I'd like to think she enjoys the walk-abouts looking at the flowers just as much as I do. She certainly has a nose for them!
~ forget-me-nots ~

~ perennial bachelor button ~

~ raindrops on columbines ~

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