Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Greenhouse Rebuild - Part 2(b)

~ greenhouse footing framed in ~
We started work on the greenhouse bright & early today, which really isn't such a chore when the sun is shining & it is so warm for this time of year, (I think we both got a little burnt!)

The raised beds were trimmed down level with the chain saw & stakes pounded in to keep them vertical. A bit of screen was placed along the inside lower edge & then we dug down & started to level the dirt from front to back. The beds will require quite a bit of new soil - which is never a bad thing - so will not be planted for a few weeks.

The next stages will be to get the soil to the house from another town & then to plan on the frame & covering to go over top everything. It's a good thing it's still early in the season!

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