Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blooming ~ Happy Easter!

~ jostaberry blooms ~
 The sun is shining this morning & it is a bit chilly out there. I think it is more cool in the mornings these last couple of weeks than it has been since Christmas! Now is not yet the time to remove the plastic from the garden beds...

Trees, shrubs & plants are practically bursting with daily growth & I can't wait for a couple dry (drier) days to get outside & tend to the gardens.

For this weekend, I'm going to enjoy the blooms - the jostaberries are loaded with blossoms this year! I'm looking forward to seeing how these shrubs will do this year as they are a 'surprise' berry bush (thought they were gooseberries) & I'm still learning what they like & require.

The tulips are showing off all around town - what a great year for tulips!! 
Happy Spring!

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Rocky Beach said...

Hello! I just started reading your blog today and I am enjoying your posts. I live in Sarnia, Ontario and my garden is slowly waking up. I also have a small leaky greenhouse and my seedlings are being kept warm by a heat mat. My sorrel did not make it because of our particularly harsh winter.Need to buy some new plants. Your blog has inspired me to grow Lovage this summer. Thank you for the idea. Glenda