Thursday, April 23, 2015

Berry Blooms Con't

~ red currant ~
 I love taking a few minutes each day to walk around the gardens & yard to see what's popped up, what's blooming & how things are doing without constant care & maintenance (I rather do like a low-maintenance approach if I can get away with it...)

The currant bushes are in full bloom & loving the warmer weather & sunshine. I wish I had mason bees this year, but there are lots of other insects out there pollinating things for me.
~ black currant ~

Why are the red currant blossoms so much smaller & unassuming than the black currant blossoms?

I prefer the black currant fruit over the red currants but the black currants are notoriously more difficult to get to produce any sizeable crop, whereas the red currants are profuse...

Mother Nature has a sense of humour!

~ John Downey crab apple ~
My wee little crab apple tree is in full bloom this year - every single one of the branches & leaf nodes is open with blossoms! I know I'll have to remove some of those if I want to harvest fruit of any size or quality - it just wouldn't be fair to a tree of only 4 feet to produce a full load of fruit such as it seems to promise.

Looks like a great year for berries indeed!

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