Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunshine in the Kitchen

~ what do these ingredients have in common? ~
 It is once again that time of year that Seville oranges are available in the grocery stores.

This is also that time of year when brewing up a batch of marmalade is a perfect way to spend a day inside when the weather outside is gray & drizzly...

This year's batch has fresh pineapple & ginger in it. Well, I always put ginger in my marmalade, but I was curious to see how the pineapple would blend in with the flavors.

I chose to use a larger cut on the citrus peel - last year I used my kitchen veggie chopper & the cut was super-fine. I wanted something a little more substantial.

~ Moonshine Marmalade - dark & chunky ~
I also wanted a dark, caramel colour & flavor - something almost cooked too long, but removed just at that critical moment.

One of the extra ingredients that I put in right as I was jarring up the marmalade was a bit of locally made Moonshine!! Yup - booze again!

The jars will sit for a month or 2 to allow all the flavors to blend & meld together & then I'll haul out a jar for tasting & experimenting with. One suggestion has already been to use it as a glaze on some pork tenderloin... mmm....

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