Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday - Funday & Not in the Garden

~ camellia in bloom in the neighbour's yard ~

~ return of the sea stars to Brady's Beach ~

~ return of the sea stars to Brady's Beach ~
Today I took a good long walk down to the beach early in the morning. Low tide at Brady's Beach is a magic place to be... It is good to see the return of the sea stars after the wasting disease hit the coast last summer. Sea stars provide lots of nutrients to the ocean & if you, by chance, come across a dead sea star, throw it in your tomato patch - the tomatoes LOVE sea stars!!

This year the camellias have not been harmed too much by the recent 'frosts' we've had. Honestly, with the sunshine during the day, we get these wonderful clear nights that are full of stars & lead to lightly frosted mornings. The camellias don't handle frost too well, but my neigbhour's shrub is handling it very well... A shrub that would break my heart if I tried to grow it, so I will admire other people's when they bloom...

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